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Rags-to-riches stories inspire hope and remind even the most hopeless dreamers that hard work, positivity, and persistence can sometimes pay off, no matter how difficult the journey may look. Despite their current wealth, many of the world's wealthiest people came from humble beginnings depicting the power of hard work and grit. The goal of rags to riches stories is to motivate you to achieve your goals. They show that everyone can achieve their ambitions, regardless of how much money their parents had in the bank when they were younger or how many dead-end jobs they had to work to pay the rent.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry stayed in a homeless shelter for years before winning an Oscar. Her early years of struggle in simply finding shelter and making ends meet in fact made her stronger in the end. "It taught me how to take care of myself and that I could survive through any scenario" Her net worth has risen to $80 million today.

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey, actor and comedian known for Dumb and Dumber and The Mask – stands today at a net worth of $150 million with a filmography that has generated $4.9 billion. However, back in the days, he was homeless, living in a trailer van at the young age of 12 when his father lost his job. At the age of 15, Jim had to drop out of school and work as a security guard and cleaner. He went on the comedy circuit and received a slew of offers.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger – a well-known action star has a net worth of $400 million and filmography that has made $4.73 billion worldwide. When he was born in 1947, his nation of Austria had been devastated by World War II and the future governor grew up in a house without running water or a telephone.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore's father left before she was born, and the man who became her stepfather was constantly unemployed, causing the family to travel frequently. After dropping out of high school, she went on to become a two-time golden globe nominee with a net worth of $150 million.

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone was born in New York City, where his mother worked as a hairdresser. He accepted minor parts in B-movies since he was broke and expecting a child. He's now one of Hollywood's most wealthy action actors standing at a net worth of $400 million.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg's youth was marred by poverty and crime. His escapades have been widely recorded in his rhymes as the physical personification of early '90s West Coast gangsta rap culture. He turned his struggle stories into art and garnered great success. As a result, he has a net worth of $135 million today!

Sarah Jessica Parker

The famous tv-show character Carrie Bradshaw had her own rags to riches story. She went through a period in her childhood when her family didn't celebrate birthdays, holidays, or other family events. Parker, one of nine children, recalls moments when the family couldn't afford to pay their energy bills. Making her broadway debut at the age of 11 and relocated to Hollywood to star in the television sitcom and said to be worth more than $100 million.

Leonardo Di Caprio

One of the highest-paid actor in the world – his rise to superstardom was not without setbacks. He was born into a poor family and grew up in a challenging environment. Exposed to the atrocities of narcotics, violence, and criminals. It might be an event that sets a young person on a path that is tough to backtrack from. He never lost hope and established himself as a global figure.


Eminem is a multi-millionaire who made his fortune on his own, grew up in the poverty line. He talked about his chaotic family circumstances and how that affected his schooling, "I'd move schools two, three times a year." "I was beaten up in the restrooms, hallways, and lockers; it was largely because I was the new kid.”

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has catapulted to the top of Hollywood's A-list, with his films grossing roughly $9.2 billion worldwide. He grew up in an impoverished, dysfunctional environment and has reported being tormented by a violent, abusive father, despite his subsequent financial success. When Cruise was just 12 years old, his mother abandoned him with nothing to run away from his father. He overcame these challenges and is the successful actor as we know today!

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is inextricably linked to rags-to-riches stories with a net worth of $3.2 billion and a reputation as an entrepreneur who revolutionised daytime television. She was raised without running water and was subjected to physical and sexual abuse until she began working for a small radio station after high school, which sparked her interest in journalism. Winfrey was able to get into the media business by concentrating on her studies, competing in beauty pageants, and then working at a radio station before she received her big break on television.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney was unemployed for a long while and no one employed him. He used to be the school newspaper's cartoonist, when his brother had to assist him in his job quest. He rose from rags to riches by first working in advertising and then creating his own cartoons, soon, he made a business out of this passion!

Steve Jobs

Steve jobs was given up for adoption as soon as he was born. When he grew up, he had to drop out of college since his foster parents couldn't afford his schooling. He used to subsist on free meals at the Hare Krishna temple and used to return Coke bottles for money. Jobs rose from a technician at Atari, Inc. to become the CEO of Apple Inc. and is one of the world’s richest men.

Starbucks CEO: Howard Schultz

This successful businessman, with a net worth of $2.9 billion, however, did not come from a wealthy family. After labouring in a number of dead-end occupations that provided neither money nor respect, "I never imagined I'd be in this position." Today, his business runs successfully around the globe and earns in trillions.

Don Chang: Forever 21

For several years, Don supported himself and his family by working as a janitor, pumping gas, and pouring coffee. But everything changed when he made one crucial discovery. "I noted the guys that drove the greatest autos were all in the garment sector," He opened Fashion 21, a 900-square-foot fashion store, not long after. It would subsequently be transformed into Forever 21, a fast-fashion retailer. The store has approximately 600 outlets and produces over $4.4 billion in yearly sales.

Francois Pinault

Francois Pinault's rags-to-riches storey is well-known. He was tormented as a child in school because he was poor, but now he is the CEO of PPR, a luxury goods conglomerate that includes Gucci and Stella McCartney. He worked for his family's wood trading business where he began purchasing and selling smaller enterprises for huge gains. Soon after he got into the luxury brand business.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran started out as a struggling artist in London's bustling music industry and has since risen to become one of the world's most famous singers. On a daily basis, the musician slept in London Underground train stations or on top of heating vents."I slept in an arch near Buckingham Palace with a heating duct for a few nights." "That is where I composed the song Homeless and the lines 'It's not a homeless night for me, I'm merely home less than I'd want to be,"

Celine Dion

Celine Dion was the youngest of fourteen siblings growing up in Canada. Her family had a difficult time supporting Dion and her siblings. Dion eventually recognised her musical talent and began singing at modest neighbourhood gatherings. The star's net worth grew in tandem with her celebrity. Her net worth is presently estimated to be $800 million.

Kenny Troutt

Kenny Troutt supported himself by selling insurance on the side while studying at Southern Illinois University before becoming one of the world's wealthiest people. Troutt was born into a poor family as the son of a bartender. After graduating from college, he went on to found Excel Communications, a long-distance phone company. He went public with the business in 1996, twelve years after it was founded. Kenny Troutt sold Excel Communications for $3.5 billion to Teleglobe in 1998.

John Paul DeJoria

Before he was the mastermind behind shampoo giant John Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron Tequila, John Paul DeJoria was just a first-generation American trying to make it. After his German and Italian parents divorced when he was two, he turned to selling Christmas cards and newspapers to help support his family. DeJoria grew interested in the shampoo sector after working at a Redken facility. He borrowed $700 from the corporation and put it into John Paul Mitchell Systems, his own brand. DeJoria has a $2.6 billion net worth.

Lakshmi Mittal

The steel billionaire Lakshmi Mittal didn't always earn money. Instead, he came from a poor Indian family in the state of Rajasthan. Mittal "made his wealth over two decades by conducting much of his business in the steel industry's version of a discount warehouse." He bought discounted sections of other steel companies and converted them into profitable businesses. Mittal has topped the UK Rich List more than five times, with a net worth of $11.8 billion.

J.K. Rowling

In 1994, just three years before the first Harry Potter novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was released, J.K. Rowling had just divorced, was on government assistance, and could barely afford to feed her kid. But soon her books became a worldwide success because she kept trying despite feeling dejected.

Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich is a multibillionaire with investments in Evraz, Norilsk Nickel, and the Chelsea soccer franchise in the United Kingdom. He also has a net worth of $13.3 billion and owns the world's second-largest boat. He was an orphan growing up in Moscow before making it into Forbes' Billionaires list. Abramovich dropped out of college to pursue his dream of being an entrepreneur.

Leonardo Del Vecchio

Leonardo Del Vecchio, now a multibillionaire, was raised by a widowed mother who struggled to make ends meet. Del Vecchio worked at a factory producing moulds for car components and eyeglass frames to make a living, when he lost a portion of his finger in an accident. Luxottica, which currently makes brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley, sprang out of that eyeglass frame business. Leonardo Del Vecchio has a net worth of $21.2 billion dollars.

Sheldon Adelson

Sheldon Adelson comes from modest origins, despite having a net worth of $37 billion. Adelson grew up in Dorchester, Massachusetts, as the son of a cab driver. Adelson "made a fortune running vending machines, selling newspaper advertisements, helping small firms go public, constructing condos, and holding trade exhibitions" after dropping out of City College of New York.

Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison is the co-founder of Oracle and has a net worth of $71.1 billion. Ellison was born to a single mother in Brooklyn, New York. After his aunt died, the future billionaire went to California and worked odd jobs to supplement his income. He eventually launched Oracle, a modest software development business, in 1977. It is currently one of the world's largest technological corporations.

Sean Combs

According to Forbes, no celebrity in any genre made more money in 2017 than Sean "Diddy" Combs, the hip-hop, fashion, and media magnate. With an estimated net worth of $885 million, he is on his way to joining the $1 billion club. That wasn't always the case, though. When his mother couldn't afford to purchase his footwear, Combs took a paper route as a kid to supplement his income in his rough Harlem neighbourhood.

Camila Alves

Camila Alves, a model, mother, entrepreneur, and Matthew McConaughey's wife has a net worth of $6 million dollars. When the Brazilian immigrant was 15, though, that reality was far from true. Alves revealed in a 2015 interview that she worked in restaurants and cleaned homes as a newcomer in a strange nation to assist her low-income family get by and save for her ambition of pursuing a career in New York.

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix disclosed that his youth was spent travelling around South America with his family as members of a religious cult known as the Children of God. His circumstances have altered considerably since then. He has almost 50 film credits, including "Gladiator" and "Walk the Line," as well as three Oscar nominations and a net worth of $50 million.

Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton told ABC in 2016 about growing up in a disadvantaged family in rural Arkansas. Thorton claimed he had been looking forward to having a stick and a rock in his stocking for Christmas all year. Today, however, the Oscar-winning writer and actor of "Sling Blade" has a net worth of $45 million as a result of his big- and small-screen achievements.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is a singer and actress with a net worth of $75 million. She has acted in over 80 films and television series. However, in 2011, when she was an 18-year-old Disney star, she told Hollywood Life that her mother gave birth to the future superstar when she was just 16 years old and worked multiple jobs merely to put food on the table, which was usually dollar store spaghetti.

Nicki Minaj

The Chicago Tribune claimed in 2015 that hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj was planning a comedy based on her not-so-funny background. The 10-time Grammy nominee moved to Queens, New York, from Trinidad, where she was subjected to her drug-addicted father's frequent violent outbursts. She now has a more-than-comfortable life backed up by her $85 million net worth.

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis and her husband, fellow actor and A-lister Ashton Kutcher, have publicly said that they will not raise entitled children. That's because she was underprivileged as a child. Kunis' family emigrated to America when the Soviet Union fell apart, and he was born in Ukraine. Kunis described eating "ketchup soup" as a child when food was limited in a 2016 interview with the Daily Mail.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton, perhaps one of country music's greatest and wealthiest personalities, has a net worth of $600 million - but it wasn't always that way. Parton grew up in a low-income family. Parton grew up in a home without running water, gas, or electricity due to Appalachian poverty. Her siblings and she slept on straw-filled mattresses.

Mike Tyson

When the man who would go on to become the world's most feared boxer was declared the youngest heavyweight champion in sports history in 1986, boxing history was created and a legend was born. Mike Tyson's life fell apart after he lost the title four years later, but he bounced back and is now worth $10 million. Tyson battled his way not just to super-stardom, but also out of abject poverty.

These were all the celebrity stories who went from rags to riches! We can learn from their stories and similarly focus on ourselves with the hope of achieving our goals! These superstars have achieved fame and money in their respective fields, yet many were impoverished long before their popularity and market worth skyrocketed. May their tales motivate you to achieve your goals and realize your dreams.