1Why are only positive comments allowed?
Starlyst features stars because we respect their accomplishments. On the internet, you can go anywhere to troll and talk garbage. Facebook, Instagram, twitter, youtube and other social platforms. Not here. Only respectful comments allowed on Starlyst.
2What does Starlyst look for when selecting stars?
Accomplishments, popularity and global impact. There are other factors, but these are the three main things that all of our stars have in common.
3How do I change my star image?
Image changes are free, contact Starlyst at 1(647)213-2377. (Fun fact: we choose the very best photo available to us for each star. We look for photos that have captured the beauty of the star. Can you see how amazing the Starlyst stars look?)
4How can I update my star info?
Info updates are free, contact Starlyst at 1(647)213-2377
5Controlling your fan page
We make it simple for stars - we do all of the work. We only allow positive and thoughtful comments. Do you want to respond to your fan mail? Just text us..
6What's the point of Starlyst?
Bringing the world's best altogether is a mighty mission. It's something that needs to be done and we are doing it with style. +++ Exchange ideas with stars and other fans (which is pretty fricken cool). Check out Starlyst Reasons for more ways to use Starlyst.
7Starlyst Fame
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8Starlyst Extra & Starlyst Pets
Want to be an extra in a movie or a music video? Want a chance at stardom? Get featured on Starlyst Extra for FREE!

How we get you and your furry friend on the big screen: We promote Starlyst Extra and Starlyst Pets to talent agencies and casting directors. When someone wants you for a role, we bring you the great news with a job opportunity.

Text Starlyst @ 1-647-213-2377 with the following

1. Start text with: 'Starlyst Extra' or 'Starlyst Pets'
2. Your name or stage name (only first name will be visible)
3. Your best photo (or a photo at work)
4. Main phone number (we contact you when you get an offer)
5. Email (we email you gig details)
6. Location (city)
7. Career or areas of expertise (what role can you play)
8. Website or social media link (optional)

No personal information is shared. Only first name, career and location is visible.

When directors, producers, and creators contact us with an opportunity for you, we will call and email you the great news. We only connect you with director and casting agents after you accept the offer.