Febuary 25, 2022 by Starlyst



They might be celebrities today, but they are just people. And the fact that proves that is their early beginnings in the desired career choice or some of the things that make them original and unique. The entry into the show-biz and the world of popularity was not always easy for some celebrities. Some were facing a different kinds of issues, some were insecure, and some were just too full of themselves. However, we love seeing them and keeping up with them, so here are some cool and interesting things that you did not know about your favorite celebrities.

1. Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi has a colorful acting career. Before becoming an actor, Steve Buscemi was a firefighter. During the attacks that happened on 9/11, he decided to return to his former job as a NY firefighter to help out.

2. Christopher Walken

Another actor that had a pretty interesting start was Christopher Walken. Before becoming a popular actor, he was a lion tamer. He was 16 years old and at that time, he would perform with a lioness named Sheba.

3. Danny DeVito

It is not every day you see a hairdresser for corpses. And when you learn your favorite celebrity did that, then things just get hilarious. That is the story of Danny DeVito's former job. Back in the day, he would style women's hair before they were buried.

4. Simon Cowell

The reality show judge Simon Cowell was at the bottom of the show-biz when he was first starting out. He first dipped his toes into the show-biz by polishing Jack Nicholson's Axe on the set of the mega-popular movie "The Shining.

5. Beyonce

Beyonce’s popularity is very well known around the world. As an inspiration to others, she even get an insect named after her that happened in 2012, when researchers from Northern Queensland discovered new species of the horsefly. The name they got was because of other golden hairs on the abdomen.

6. George Lucas

Having your own firehouse is not a strange thing if you are George Lucas. Namely, he owns his own fire truck, with 14 employees – firefighters, and sees the value in it. What is the reason? No one knows.

7. Bono

Bono is so connected to his hats that he would even buy a plane ticket for them. That happened back in 2003 when he paid even $1200 for the hat to be flown to him from London. And only because he forgot it!

8. Nolan Gould

Playing dumb in one of the most popular TV shows does not mean that you are dumb. On the contrary, the proof of that is Nolan Gould, who played the dumbest Dunphy sibling in the Modern Family show. He is in fact member of Mensa with an IQ of 150.

9. Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was one of the most famous voices in the world. His distinguishing feature was his jet-black coiffed hair. However, he was a natural blonde-haired person believe it or not. He did color his hair so that he would achieve his statement look.

10. Rob Riggle

The comedian Rob Riggle was a lieutenant colonel in the Marines. Pretty amazing right? The served in the US marine corps for over 20 years.

11. Jerry Springer

Do you see Jerry Springer as a mayor? Well, he certainly did. Before his current career, he was a successful Politian. He served as the mayor of Cincinnati, from 1977 to 1981. Not only that, but he became a well-respected journalist and Emmy award-winning news anchor.

12. Julia Roberts

The Pretty Woman alum always lands interesting and captivating roles. And much of that is connected to her gracious smile. She even decided to insure it for the unbelievable $30 million.

13. Rihanna

When Rihanna was 11, she was an army cadet. She was disruptive at times, making things difficult for her sergeants. She was hard at following orders and maintaining discipline.

14. Jake Gyllenhaal

If you have a family friend named Paul Newman, you can ask for a lot of advice and help. And what did Jake Gyllenhall do? Well, when he was 15 and was time to learn how to drive, he saw only one person fit for the job: Paul Newman.

15. Elon Musk

One of the most powerful men today, Elon Musk, was born to a supermodel and diamond mine owner in South Africa. When he was only 12, he created a video game for a magazine. He was so quiet as a child, his parents even believed he was deaf.