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We all want to live a healthy life, but many of us struggle to do it. We're often tired and stressed, and making healthy choices seems too difficult. Or, we simply may not know what healthy choices we can make! The good news is that you can make a few changes to your lifestyle that will make a big difference in how you look and feel. Here are 100 simple habits that will improve your health.

1. Drink Lots of Water
Our bodies are 60% water, so we must replenish ourselves throughout the day! Staying hydrated gives you better skin, flushes out toxins, keeps your body temperature in check, and protects your joints. Both Gabrielle Union and Selena Gomez swear by drinking tons of water every day.

2. Avoid Alcohol
Even though an occasional glass of red wine can be healthy, alcohol isn't a part of a healthy lifestyle. It can hinder weight loss and lead to serious health problems later in life. Healthy celebs like Jennifer Lopez abstain completely from all liquor. While that may not be possible for everyone, it’s important to remember that dropping alcohol is a great way to drop some weight!

3. Drink Bubbly Water
If you're tempted to drink alcohol at parties, make a rule to drink some bubbly water whenever you're standing and sipping. You can save the alcohol for when you sit. It'll help you stay hydrated and save on calories. Celebrity trainers like Katy Clark use this trick to keep in shape all year long.

4. Add Lemon to Your Water
Adding lemon (or limes or cucumbers!) is a great way to add a little flavor to your water, making it more fun to drink. Plus, these fruits and veggies have healthy nutrients that you might not get otherwise! Jackie Warner, celebrity trainer, always adds lemon to her water to stay hydrated and get extra vitamins and nutrients.

5. Drink Bulletproof Coffee
If you need a boost to get yourself going in the mornings, try drinking bulletproof coffee or using some type of fat in your morning cup of joe. Celebrities like Busy Phillips use this to jumpstart their day. It will help you feel full and you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t consuming unhealthy sugar from creamers and sweeteners.

6. Drink Green Tea
Green tea has a ton of health benefits, including antioxidants, so it's no surprise that sipping on green tea is an excellent choice for your health. Meghan Markle, Courtney Love, and Gwyneth Paltrow have used green tea to help them lose weight, gain energy, and feel better.

7. Drink Green Smoothies
Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon use green smoothies to help them get extra veggies in their diet. Green smoothies are a great way to get a boost from greens, fruits, and other healthy additives like chia seeds and hemp seeds. You can even add protein powder for a healthy, balanced meal.

8. Put Veggies in Your Smoothies
You can get really creative with your green smoothie ingredients! Try adding in extra veggies and non-traditional fruits. Adriana Lima puts avocados in her smoothies for healthy fats and to help her stay full. You can also use cauliflower, celery, and zucchini for an added boost.

9. Eat Lots of Protein
Protein is vital for building muscle and staying full throughout the day. And you don't want to skimp on your protein portions if you're going to lose weight! Melissa McCarthy has successfully lost weight by eating lean proteins at every meal to stay full and fuel her workouts.

10. Have a Protein Shake for Breakfast
Another great way to get protein in your diet? Try drinking a protein shake every morning. If you'd rather drink your breakfast or prefer it on the go, this is a great choice! Cindy Crawford and author Seth Godin use protein smoothies to kick their mornings off deliciously and satisfyingly.

11. Eat Carbs Early in the Day
Carbs have gotten a bad rep, but they should have a place in your diet. The key is to eat them strategically. Try to get your carbs in early in the day. They'll give you fuel to get you through both your workday and your workout. (They're also a great way to refuel after a workout.) Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman and dancer Julianne Hough always eat their complex carbs early in the day!

12. Hide Your Vegetables
If you're like Miranda Lambert and just can't stand eating vegetables, then try hiding them in your food. You can enjoy smoothies or green juices, or sub in veggies in traditional comfort foods, which we'll talk about next. If you enjoy making soups and pasta sauces, then load those up with veggies and use a food processor to make them smaller and more palatable.

13. Find Healthy Substitutes
If you're craving your favorite comfort foods like pizza or pasta, then use healthy ingredients like cauliflower to make your favorite foods healthier. This can come in handy, especially when you're craving something sweet and not good for you. Both Zoe Saldana and Kelly Rowland use this trick to survive cravings without binging on unhealthy foods.

14. Watch Your Portions
Portion control is a great way to let yourself enjoy the foods you love. Cheryl Burke, from Dancing with the Stars, was able to lose weight by using this method. Many of us tend to overeat because we're often on the go or simply enjoy the taste of the food we are eating! One of the best ways to practice portion control is to be mindful of what you're eating, which leads us to our next habit.

15. Eat Mindfully
Mindful eating sounds very intimidating, but it's a pretty simple concept. Instead of mindlessly munching on snacks in front of the TV or computer, sit down at your table, turn off your gadgets, and focus on your food. Pay attention to your body and note when you feel full. Goldie Hawn, Deepak Chopra, and Mark Sisson all practice this way of eating to great success.

16. Include Nutrients in Every Meal
Jessica Alba stays in great shape by making sure each of her meals includes lots of nutrients. You can do this too by making sure to include a fat, protein, and vegetable in everything you eat. Try to load up on the veggies too – it's a great way to ensure your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs.

17. Try the 80/20 Rule
Let's face it, we all want to indulge in some unhealthy foods and now and then. A great way to allow yourself to enjoy those kinds of foods is to practice the 80/20 rule. This means 80% of your calories come from healthy sources like fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Then, 20% can come from your favorite not-so-healthy sources like fried food, sweets, or pizzas. Jillian Michaels and Nicole Kidman let themselves indulge in their favorite foods using this method.

18. Only Buy Healthy Foods
Always tempted by the cookies in your pantry or the ice cream in your freezer? Consider not buying any sweets, or unhealthy temptations, the next time you hit the grocery store. If you only bring healthy foods into your home, then you can't make an unhealthy midnight snack. Allison Sweeney does this to help keep her cravings in check.

19. Make Your Own Food
Shailene Woodley and Monica Potter have learned that the healthiest foods can come from your own home. You can control the ingredients and ensure that you're getting the most nutritious combination of foods available. Homemade food also has less sodium and fat and you can ensure that you’ll always get to eat your favorite flavors.

20. Wake Up Early to Work Out
If you feel too tired or unmotivated at the end of the day to work out, then do what The Rock, Mark Wahlberg, and Julie Bowman do. Get up early and get it done! It's a great way to start the day, and if you have kids, you can ensure you get your workout completed before they wake up and demand attention.

21. Make Your Workouts Progressively More Difficult
Try to make sure that each workout is a little more difficult than your last. You don't have to go all out every session, but lifting heavier weights or doing a few extra reps is when you'll start to see a real difference in your body and mind. Julianne Hough uses this idea to keep her body in excellent shape when not dancing.

22. Try New Workouts
Mixing up your workouts can keep you motivated and help you have a rocking body. Try boxing, yoga, stair climbing, weight lifting, running, swimming, and cycling. By doing many different exercises, your muscles will always be guessing, so they'll have to work to keep up! You also won't run the risk of getting bored and wanting to quit your workouts. Victoria Secret's model Candice Swanepoel uses this method to keep her body in top shape.

23. Make an Awesome Playlist
The right song can make a difference between a terrible mood and an awesome mood. It can also help you get into your workout and get you moving. If you're having trouble getting motivated for the gym, take the time to make a new playlist with some favorite songs. Lacey Stone, a celebrity trainer, uses this trick to keep her motivated and keep up with her clients!

24. Walk More
Walking is one of the best things you can do for your health. It's a great way to burn calories, strengthen your heart, and it's even good for your bones! You don't have to walk for an hour at a time, either. Going for 10-minute walks throughout the day will add up and help you burn lots of extra calories. Celebrities love walking too. Julia Roberts, Sarah Chalke, Brooke Shields, and Sheryl Crow all rely on regular walks to keep them in shape.

25. Get Good Gear
Kelly Osbourne is just like us! She found that she was having trouble heading to the gym when she felt frumpy and less than cute. So, she invested in some cute, new gear and voila, she was more motivated to hit the gym. So, invest in those shoes you've been eyeing or that cute new pair of leggings at Lululemon. If they get you to the gym to work out, then theyy are worth their weight in gold.

26. Try for 10 Minutes
Just don't feel like going to the gym? Try the 10-minute rule, like Jennifer Aniston. Tell yourself that you'll work out for at least 10 minutes, and if you still don't feel like it, then you can quit. More often than not, once you finish those first 10 minutes, you'll be motivated to keep going for a full workout.

27. Have a Positive Mindset
Hollywood trainer Jeanette Jenkins keeps her celebrity clients going with a positive attitude. When you decide that you can and will make healthy choices, chances are much more likely that you will. And you can help yourself make those choices by reminding yourself why you want to exercise or eat broccoli. It'll help you stay on track and feel better, both mentally and physically.

28. Get a Workout Buddy
Having trouble getting motivated to work out? Take a page from Kristin Bell and find a workout buddy. You can play team sports, meet for walks, or make a date for the gym. When you know someone is counting on you to show up, you're much more likely to make the time for your workout.

29. Workout at Least Five Time a Week
Make a commitment to working out at least five times a week, like Cher and Mark Cuban. Successful people know that exercise is vital for both their body and mind. It doesn't have to be long sessions either. Just 20 – 30 minutes a day can make a big difference!

30. Take the Stairs
Make it a habit to never take the escalator or the elevators. Walking up and down stairs not only tones your glutes and legs, but also gives you a great cardio workout. If you live or work somewhere with stairs, try to go up and down them 10 times a day to get a quick, efficient workout. In fact, stair climbing is such a great workout that celebrities like Jennifer Anniston and Khloe Kardashian attend boutique gyms that specialize in entire workouts on stair climbers!

31. Set Short-Term Goals
Mandy Ingber, celebrity yoga teacher, recommends setting short-term goals that are easily achievable. These will give you a sense of accomplishment and motivation to keep going. The trick to it choose a goal that makes sense for you and your life, not something that may seem easy to someone else!

32. Take a Break
Taking a break from your hectic life, from two-week vacation for a 30-minute reset, can make a big difference in how you feel. Pushing yourself too hard will only lead to burnout and failure. Michelle Phan, Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, and more celebrities have put their professional lives on hold to ensure that their health is in order. This has allowed them to care for themselves and come back stronger than ever!

33. Set a Sleep Schedule
A solid sleep schedule is necessary for a healthy life. When you sleep, you reduce stress, balance your hormones, recharge your brain, and lose weight. Some of the most successful people in the world rely on a sleep schedule to help them find success. These include Avram Miller, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Michael Phelps.

34. Drop the Scale
Weighing yourself periodically is a great way to make sure you aren't gaining (or losing!) too much weight. However, daily weigh-ins can cause you to focus on the number on the scale too much. Celebrities like Selena Gomez and Khloe Kardashian have ditched the scale for good and focus instead on how they feel and how their clothes fit.

35. Meditate
Spending anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours a day in meditation can make a big difference in your overall health. Meditation can help you focus and relax, allowing you to deal with stress appropriately. This means you'll be able to make time for exercising, cooking healthy meals, and getting some sleep. Don't believe us? Just ask Oprah, Russell Brand, Jack Dorsey, and Arianna Huffington!

36. Wake up at 5 am
Waking up at 5 am to start your day might sound extreme, but it's a great habit to have. Why? Because you can make the most of the day when you rise early. You'll also have time to exercise, meditate, or read before hitting the grind. Author Robin Sharma wakes up at 5 every morning so he'll have time to fit in everything he wants to do during his busy days.

37. Work on Your Passion
We've all heard that you should work at a job that you are passionate about because your days will be less stressed and filled with purpose. So, if you can get a job in a field you are excited about, then do it! However, we know this isn't always possible. So, take your hobbies and joys seriously and make them a priority. J.K. Rowling was so passionate about the Harry Potter series that she worked on the books even when she was living in poverty!

38. Find a Passion
You may have read the last tip and realized that you don't have anything that you can pour your heart into. And that's okay! You can find what your passion is. Try out new hobbies, take quizzes online, and spend some time thinking about what you enjoy. You may find a new passion, like actor Ken Jeong. He was a doctor for many years before moving to Hollywood and has now found great success as an actor!

39. Take Daily Shots of Healthy Foods
There are lots of healthy foods out there that you will give you a boost of energy and improve your immune system. Take the time every day to indulge in a tablespoon of honey or a shot of apple cider vinegar. These small doses add up and will help you feel better in the long run. Katy Perry and Hilary Duff both make it a habit to improve their health with small doses of nutritious foods every day.

40. Eat Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate is a great snack to keep around the house. It's loaded with antioxidants that protect your body from cell damage. Dark chocolate also contains lots of vitamins and minerals and reduces your risk of developing heart disease. Audrey Hepburn kept a drawer of dark chocolate so she could indulge in her favorite treat whenever she liked!

41. Eat Ice Cream (In Moderation!)
Sometimes you want to eat desserts (or other not so healthy foods). However, eating these foods often is not a recipe for success. The solution? Indulge in your favorite treats, but only in moderation. Try eating just one spoonful of dessert when out to dinner with friends. If you eat more than you mean to, don’t beat yourself up. Remember, everyone enjoys eating sweets, even super-fit celebrities like Sophia Vergara and Jessica Biel.

42. Take Supplements
While a well-balanced diet is the best way to get all of your nutrients in, we often have gaps in our nutrition. This is where supplementing with vitamins like omega 3, vitamins D and B, and calcium becomes essential. Lots of celebrities use vitamins to help them look and feel their best, like the Kardashian sisters, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Anniston. However, it's very important to talk to your doctor before taking any supplements!

43. Spend Time in Nature
Spending time outside is really great for your brain and your body. You can go camping, travel in an RV, or simply walk in your local park. The fresh air and sunshine can boost your mood and give you much needed Vitamin D. It's also a great way to unplug and refocus on what matters to you. Dolly Parton and Matthew McConaughey both love spending time camping in their RV!

44. Read Books
A great way to boost your mind is to read inspiring books or those with a positive message. Not sure where to begin? Try googling "good books with educational or inspiring messages." Reese Witherspoon, Oprah Winfrey, and Jenna Bush Hagar have all started successful book clubs, allowing them to share inspiration and knowledge with the world.

45. Pray
Praying isn't for everyone, but if you believe in something or someone that is greater than you, then you should spend time in prayer. This type of communication has been shown to relieve stress because it helps you cope with life's difficulties. It also helps you feel less lonely and can make you feel calmer and more connected. Comedian Steve Harvey incorporates prayer into his daily routine.

46. Dance
Dancing is a fun way to exercise and relieve stress. You can take classes to learn how to dance or just put on some of your favorite tunes and move your body. Whichever way you choose, you'll get an endorphin rush from the movement and improve your balance and coordination. Jenna Dewan and Julianne Hough both dance regularly to stay in great shape.

47. Be Spontaneous
Doing things that aren't scheduled is a great way to feel happy and reduce stress. Sometimes, it's something small, like taking a different route home, or it can be big like a last-minute vacation. These types of spontaneous actions can inspire you and keep you intrigued. Leonardo DiCaprio is just one example of a successful actor and activist who believes being spontaneous is necessary for good health.

48. Eat Nuts
Nuts are a great source of protein and fat, which means they can help you feel full while also giving you energy! They are also packed with lots of micronutrients that will give your entire body a boost. You can eat a variety of nuts, but celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow are big fans of almonds.

49. Eat Berries
Berries are another excellent snack. They are full of antioxidants that can fight oxidative stress brought on by free radicals. Berries are also low in calories and sugar, so they are the perfect snack when you want something sweet but don't want to indulge. They're also great with yogurt and granola for breakfast! Brooklyn Dekker loves to eat lots of berries every morning.

50. Buy Organic Fruits and Vegetables
Zooey Deschanel and other wellness experts believe that buying organic fruits and vegetables is best for your body. This is especially true for the "dirty dozen," twelve fruits and veggies that absorb pesticides very easily. So, when in doubt, buy organic!

51. Educate Yourself Daily
Take the time to learn something new every day. You can do this by listening to podcasts, reading books, or watching YouTube videos. You can learn history, how to do household repairs, or a new language. Find something that intrigues you and dive in! Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet's business partner, always advised others to learn something every day and to go to bed smarter than they were when they woke up.

52. Go on Vacations to Explore
Getting out of your comfort zone and exploring the world is excellent for your mental health. It can also improve your physical health if you spend your travel time being active. It's a great idea to expand your horizons so you can increase your knowledge and empathy. Bill Murray loves to travel and meet as many people as he can!

53. Surround Yourself with Positivity
You become the people you spend time with. So, make sure you are surrounding yourself with positive people who inspire and uplift you. That good energy will help you develop a good attitude and get you through difficult situations. Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King have famously stuck together through thick and thin and kept a positive outlook the entire time.

54. Relax
Check in with yourself throughout the day to be sure you aren't holding tension in your body. Relax your shoulders. Unclench your jaw. Think about something positive if you are getting into an anxious state. Being in a relaxed and happy state will keep your body from releasing stress hormones into your system that can affect body fat storage and mood. Celebrities who have discovered the art of relaxation include Cindy Crawford and Jada Pinkett Smith.

55. Be Social
Take the time to converse with your friends and family every day. It can be anything from a few texts to a 2-hour phone call. Staying connected socially helps you feel less lonely, deal with stress more positively, and feel connected to others. Anne Hathaway and Chris Evans are two celebrities who are very close to their siblings.

56. Be Positive
Having a positive attitude can help you get through just about any situation. Life can be difficult and stressful, but facing it with a pleasant outlook will always make things a little better. Don't feel pressured to put a happy face on every situation, but don't automatically assume the worst either. Arnold Schwarzenegger credits his positive attitude to his success in America.

57. Be Helpful
Try to help others as much as possible. This can be as small as a friendly wave and a smile, to stopping and helping someone change a flat tire. Helping someone will not only make their lives more comfortable, but it will make you feel good too. Sia and Tom Cruise are two celebrities who have famously helped out others both physically and financially.

58. Keep Calm and Carry On
It's critical to stay calm when stress arises. You will inevitably run into people who release negative energy into your life because they had a rough day or are struggling. Instead of letting their bad vibes rub off on you, let your good vibes rub off on them. Show them grace and be understanding. LeBron James and Hugh Jackman are two celebrities who have learned that good vibes pay off in the long run.

59. Practice Yoga
Yoga is good for your body and mind. When you practice yoga, you learn how to breathe, balance your body, and become more flexible. This often leads to you feeling more in control in your daily life. Michelle Williams, Miley Cyrus, and Madonna all practice yoga regularly.

60. Volunteer
A great way to feel more connected to your community is to volunteer. You could work at a food bank, animal shelter, or another organization that is close to your heart. Angelina Jolie and Hilary Swank have both discovered the joys of giving back through volunteer work.

61. Substitute Healthy Foods
If you want to eat foods with fewer calories or eat more plant-based foods, then try making healthy substitutes like choosing almond milk instead of real milk. You can also eat smashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes! DJ Khalid is now a big fan of almond milk after taking a 22-day vegan challenge.

62. Turn on Airplane Mode
Before you go to sleep, put your cell phone on airplane mode. This will not only keep you from getting distracted, but it also eliminates any risk of radiation from your phone leaking into the air (and then into you!). Celebrities like Miranda Kerr practice this, even going so far as to shut off all internet-connected devices at night!

63. Do Household Chores
Making your bed first thing in the morning might sound like a pain, but beginning your day with this positive action can make a big difference in how you feel. It gives you a great sense of accomplishment, even though it's a small task. It also helps you feel more organized. Doing household chores can also be a great way to relieve stress for you and those you live with. Naval Admiral William McRaven believes that making your bed can lead to a productive day, every day.

64. Wash Your Veggies
Before you dine, be sure to clean your food! Take the time to spray your veggies and fruits with vinegar and or run them under water to remove pesticides. Celebrity foodies (and sisters) Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley promote clean eating by helping people enjoy eating whole foods. They also make sure to clean those foods before they eat!

65. Drink Juices or Smoothies
A great way to make sure you're getting lots of vegetables into your diet is to drink juices or smoothies. Green juices are a great way to get lots of vitamins and minerals into your diet without having to cook! Lots of famous people swear by juicing like Russell Simmons and Natalie Portman.

66. Watch Standup Comedy
Okay, you don't have to watch standup comedy. But you should watch things that make you laugh. Whether it's the newest Netflix special or your favorite old sitcom, take the time to watch things that make you feel better! Mark Twain and Madeline L'Engle are two authors who have famously understood the power of laughter.

67. Eat Breakfast
Eating a healthy, balanced breakfast is a great way to start the day. You can eat yogurt, fruit, oatmeal, or eggs. Just make sure these foods are good for you and give you energy. (So, skip the sugary cereals and pastries!) Celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Carly Rae Jepson believe in the power of breakfast to keep them going.

68. Ask for Help
Asking for help is scary, and some people refuse to ask because they think it is a sign of weakness. However, no one is perfect, and no one can accomplish all of their tasks every single day. It's okay to ask for help. It will relieve stress and help you feel better. Plus, it will help you to remember to pay it forward when someone else needs help! Amanda Palmer and Brene Brown both strongly believe in asking others for help.

69. Practice Gratitude
Take time every day to think about what you are thankful for. You can do this when you wake up or right before bed. Some people also keep gratitude journals for this very habit! Super successful people like Richard Branson, Oprah, and John Paul DeJoria all practice gratitude every day and claim it has helped them become more successful!

70. Be Active Throughout the Day
It isn’t always possible to get an hour or two in at the gym. If you've got a full schedule, then try being active throughout the day. Squeeze in a few 10 minutes walks around your breaks so that you can reach your daily exercise goal without stressing about a more extended session. Idris Elba is one celebrity who tries to fit in workouts whenever possible.

71. Be True to You
The best way to stay healthy is to be true to yourself. Understand what you like and dislike. Do the things you like and modify the things you dislike. The key to feeling healthy and happy is to enjoy what you do. And it's okay if that doesn't look like someone else's happiness. After all, successful businessmen like Warren Buffet didn't get to where they were by doing what everyone else did!

72. Journal
Taking the time to journal every day is a great way to chart your progress and help you remember what you've learned. You can write long entries or use bullet journals. There are also journals designed for you to write one line a day. Robin Sharma, author of The 5AM Club, Jack Dorsey, the CEO and founder of Twitter, and actress Emma Watson use journaling to help them reflect every day.

73. Foam Roll
If you haven't tried foam rolling, then you are in for a treat. While it can be painful, it's in the "hurts so good" way, like a good massage. This is because foam rolling is basically a deep tissue massage! You can foam roll every day, but it's especially great to do it after a workout, like running or strength training. Khloe Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow both swear by foam rolling for easing sore muscles.

74. Set Boundaries
It's important to set boundaries with people, including family and friends. Learn how to say "no" if you don't have the time or energy to take on a favor or project. This can take some practice, but simply saying "no" to tasks that don't serve you mentally or emotionally can make a big difference in your life. Eddie Levine, CEO of Hub Dub, uses this skill to keep his company successful.

75. Prioritize Your To-Do List
The founder and CEO of Thrive+, Brooks Powell, makes it a habit to prioritize his to-do list so that when urgent matters come up, he can easily make time for them. It's okay if you don't get everything on your list done. Instead, focus on what matters most and concentrate on getting that done!

76. Respond Quickly
Instead of waiting to respond to a text or e-mail, go ahead and send it! If there's no reason to wait and if you are thinking about the response, then do it. This will relieve stress in the long run because you won't fall behind or miss essential communications. Sara Snow, the creator of the babysitting app, Bambino, follows this rule to keep from becoming overwhelmed with all of her duties.

77. Set Expectations
It's easy to promise to do things if you want someone's business or to help out a friend or family member. However, it's important to set realistic expectations with yourself and others. If you can't get a task done when they want, be honest. Let them know what you can actually do. This is important to do for yourself as well! Eddie Levine, the cofounder of Wholesale Breakthrough, understands that setting realistic expectations allows him and his employees to complete tasks without getting overly stressed.

78. Slow Down
Author Anne Lamott has written about the benefits of slowing down. It's okay to take a break! Take a few minutes away from your fast-paced schedule to sit, breathe, and notice where you are and what you are experiencing. It's also important to schedule breaks for full days at a time. A do-nothing weekend can do wonders for your mood and health!

79. Embrace Change
Change can be scary. However, it can also be a great new opportunity! You will never try anything new or learn anything if you do not embrace change. Things will happen, and people will grow. Instead of running from these things, embrace them. Both Julia Child and Leonard Cohen welcomed change and became famous and successful because of it!

80. Set a Timer
Sometimes it can be challenging to get a task done, especially something you may find boring or unfulfilling, like housework. However, cleaning your space can help you be more productive in the long run. One way to combat this dread is to set a timer for 15 - 25 minutes. Commit yourself to cleaning, doing laundry, or responding to e-mails for that time and then take a break. You'll be surprised how much you can get done during that time! Italian entrepreneur Francesco Cirillo perfected this idea by creating the Pomodoro Technique.

81. Rephrase Negative Thoughts
It's easy to thinking negatively about yourself and others. How often do we blame ourselves (or someone else) for the slightest problem? Changing those negative thoughts to positive ones can help you get out of a rut and move forward. It will also lower your stress levels! Willie Nelson is a great example of someone who actively replaces his negative thoughts with positive ones.

82. Improvise with Foods
Some days you must eat out because of travel or a busy schedule. When this happens, be creative with what you eat. Be ready to improvise with what's at hand to eat something healthy and filling. You can do this by choosing healthier options and eating smaller portions of unhealthy foods. Barack and Michelle Obama have both shown how to stay fit and healthy while living busy lives.

83. Shop the Perimeter of the Grocery Store
Have you ever noticed that grocery stores have all of their healthy foods along the walls of the store? If you want to stick to a healthy diet, then make it a habit to only shop along the perimeter. You can find meat, veggies, fruits, and dairy in these sections. The middle aisles are full of processed foods that should be eaten sparingly. Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels uses this tip to stay in top shape.

84. Schedule Your Eating
Remember that food is your body's fuel. It's easy to put off eating when you're busy, but you then run the risk of suffering from blood sugar crashes and running low on energy. So, schedule your eating so that you know exactly when you can eat and stay appropriately fueled for the day. Good eating habits look different for everyone, so experiment to find what works best for you. Jennifer Lopez and The Rock both schedule their eating to get the most out of their days.

85. Delegate Tasks
It can be easy to take on everything we want to get done because we know what's best. We can perform the task the way it "should" be done. However, no one can do everything. The most successful people in the world delegate tasks regularly. While you may not be able to afford an assistant, you can use new services like grocery delivery to save time. You can also ask friends and family members to help you with tasks. Both Richard Branson and Bill Gates rely on delegating tasks to remain successful.

86. Use Your Drive to Try New Things
If you find it hard to relax, you may find that traditional self-care ideas like bubble baths or massages are not enjoyable. You'd rather be out and active than lay by a pool. And that's okay! If you'd rather stay busy, then use your drive to try new things and get good at them. You can learn new hobbies or skills and explore the world around you. For example, Warren Buffett uses his free time to perfect his ukulele skills!

87. Try Fasting
Going a few days without food might seem like a terrible plan. However, spending some time without eating can help you focus on your goals, make plans, and be productive. Even if you just fast for a few hours, you can experience some benefits, like weight loss. Jack Dorsey and Terry Crews both fast regularly.

88. Visualize Success
Sometimes you have to believe in yourself and your success for it to happen. Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or win a Nobel Prize, it helps to set a goal and literally visualize succeeding. Otherwise, it may never happen. Take some time to visualize your success, emphasizing the details of what you want to happen. Both Will Smith and Oprah can attest to the benefits of this habit!

89. Cook at Home
Cooking at home is the best way to ensure you are eating healthy. You have complete control over the ingredients and can choose the best options. It can also be fun! Try experimenting with new flavors and types of dishes. Chrissy Tiegan and Lady Gaga are two famous examples of people who have complete control in the kitchen.

90. Be Proactive about Going to the Doctor
Taking charge of your health is a great way to ensure that you always feel your best. An excellent way to do this is to be proactive about visiting your doctor. Get regular checkups and advocate for yourself when you feel ill. Both Angelina Jolie and Serena Williams have done this to help them survive life-threatening conditions.

91. Don't Be Afraid of Failure
Many of us live in fear of failure. We spend more time stressing about not failing than even trying! However, failure is not a bad thing. It's merely an opportunity to learn something new. So, the next time you want to take on a new hobby or try a new thing, do it! Failing just means you get to try again. Oprah Winfrey approaches all of her endeavors with no fear of failure.

92. Eat Flaxseed
Eating flaxseed is one of the best things you can do to reduce inflammation in your body. It can also improve your digestion and decrease your blood pressure. Flaxseed is an excellent addition to any breakfast. You can enjoy it on apple sauce, Greek yogurt, or, like Justin Timberlake, on waffles.

93. Eat Parmesan Cheese
Parmesan cheese is a delicious treat! It's great to sprinkle over a variety of foods and one of the best cheeses you can eat. Why? Because you get a lot of taste out of a little bit of food. This means it's low in calories but high in flavor. Taylor Swift is a big fan of parmesan cheese and always keeps some on hand.

94. Eat Slow-Release Carbs
Carbs have gotten a bad rep in the last few years, but they aren't all bad. Slow-release carbs give you energy and don't spike your blood sugar. They're great to eat before a workout. Some slow-release carbs include brown rice and quinoa. Serena Williams eats brown rice to fuel her amazing tennis playing.

95. Eat More Garlic
Garlic is a great way to add flavor to your dishes. It's also easy and fun to mince! Garlic is great for you because it improves your immune system and can even reduce your risk of developing cancer. Cecily Strong from Saturday Night Love adds garlic to lots of dishes.

96. Enjoy Beans
Beans are a great source of protein for those who want to stop eating as much meat. They're also cost-effective and easy to cook. Beans go with a wide variety of dishes and can make soups and chilis hearty and filling. Kate Hudson eats beans in lots of her foods.

97. Recite Positive Mantras
Positive mantras are a great way to stay in a good headspace throughout the day. You can recite them to yourself, write them down, and hang them around your house. They will remind you to stress less and live more. Giselle Bundchen is a fan of spreading positivity through mantras.

98. Smile More
Smiling is a great way to relieve stress and help the people you interact with feel better. You don't have to slap on a smile and force it when you're in a bad mood. But when you feel great, why not spread happiness? A simple smile can turn someone's day around. The Dalai Lama famously asked everyone to smile to become more compassionate and make connections.

99. Practice Forgiveness
Holding a grudge isn't healthy. It increases your stress levels and takes away your happiness. Practicing forgiveness may not be easy, but it's a habit worth trying. Work on forgiving little slights before facing more significant, complicated issues. It will help you sleep easier and live your life in a more freeing manner. It's how Nelson Mandela was able to overcome adversity and still lead a nation!

100. Compliment Others
Take the time to give at least one compliment a day. It will make you and those around you feel better. It also helps you be more positive because you are actively looking for positive things. It can be as simple as telling someone that you like their shoes or as deep as telling someone you admire how inspiring they are. Laura Dern and Reese Witherspoon both compliment others often!

Sources Available Upon Request